Global Summit 2011

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Creative Commons Global Meeting 2011 will be held in Warsaw, Poland, 16-18 September.

The Global Meeting will bring together the CC Affiliate Network, CC board and staff, key stakeholders and many others to engage strategically on issues related to the future of our shared commons, to renew and further build CC’s vital community, to collaborate on mutual projects and initiatives, and to celebrate our successes as we conclude our eighth year together.

CC HQ and meeting host, CC Poland, are now working on preparing the agenda for the meeting. The Global Meeting will include CC Affiliate Network meetings, plenary sessions, legal-focused sessions, community-focused sessions, workshops, regional planning sessions and special discussion sessions on key issues such as key adoption areas, data, public domain and the new version 4.0 licenses. The meeting will include sessions that are open to the public. In addition, CC’s Board of Directors will have a board meeting in Warsaw and will be available to meet with Affiliates.

If you have ideas for specific sessions or topics to be addressed in a session, please contribute them via the Discussion page.

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw. Na zdrowie!