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Abstract of Meeting – Request for Proposals

Creative Commons Global Meeting 2011: Creative Commons intends to convene a global meeting in the third quarter of 2011, bringing together the CC Affiliate Network, CC board and staff, key stakeholders and many others to engage strategically on issues related to the future of our shared commons, to renew and further build CC’s vital community, to collaborate on mutual projects and initiatives, and to celebrate our successes as we conclude our eighth year together. The meeting will include sessions that are open to the public.

CC is soliciting proposals to co-host and co-organize the meeting through a lightweight proposal process. Organizations interested in submitting a proposal should do so by 2011 January 10. See below for more details on content of proposals and how to submit. Creative Commons may elect to host the meeting without a co-host in the absence of a compelling proposal.

Meeting Logistics – Proposal Content


2011Q3, 3-4 consecutive days (TBD); alternative timing may be considered, but this is ideal given the desirability of co-locating a CC board meeting with the global meeting.


Require easy accessibility from major international airport; readily available public transportation; easy and inexpensive visa requirements; appropriate conference and lodging facilities.

Prefer to co-locate with another conference or event with overlapping attendees or common subject matter and participants.


Principal participants to include: 1 or 2 reps from each CC jurisdiction (TBD whether must be officially involved or could include additional non official reps); CC board; key CC staff. Estimate approximately 150 principal attendees from all then-existing jurisdictions in which CC has members of its CC Affiliate Network (this number includes board and key staff).

Key Meeting Features

Agenda and structure to be determined, but expected to include:

  • CC board meeting (portions to be open to affiliates and public, possibly webcast)
  • Public and other sessions – topics/focus areas TBD, but expected to include sessions dedicated to: data and public sector information; other key adoption opportunities (OER, cultural heritage institutions, government, etc.); and the status of CC licenses and public domain tools.
  • CC Affiliate Network meetings
    • Plenary
    • Regional planning sessions
    • Legal and community-focused, other
    • Workshops (e.g., fundraising)

Funding; Budget

Proposals must include fundraising strategy and plan, covering conference meeting costs as well as lodging & transportation costs for all principal participants. Preliminary budgets strongly encouraged.

Proposal Submissions

Proposals to co-host and co-organize the meeting must be made in writing and submitted to Creative Commons (see below) by no later than 2011 January 10. Submissions should includes plans addressing the meeting logistic outlined above, as concretely as possible. All responses must include a fundraising strategy and plan. Responses may anticipate participation by CC in the fundraising process and should include a preliminary budget proposal. Please identify and discuss all key contingencies bearing on the proposal. Proposals may include additional information that the proposing organization wishes CC to consider. If a proposal is submitted by an institution that is not a member of the CC Affiliate Network, please indicate whether you have consulted with the members (if any) in your jurisdiction first. CC may request additional information following the initial submission.

All proposals will be posted to CC’s wiki for public review and comment. A decision will be announced as soon as practical following the close of the process, and by no later than March 15.

More Information and Submissions

Please contact CC prior to making your submission, if you would like more information or discuss your proposal. All submissions and requests for additional information should be directed to (should you wonder who you're writing to, the initial round of inquiries will be fielded Diane Peters, General Counsel, and Mike Linksvayer, Vice President).

Additional Budget and Fundraising Information and Assumptions

We have received inquires from several potential co-hosts/organizers about our internal budget estimates and fundraising participation plans.

CC Budget Estimate and Assumptions

Estimated total minimum budget (assuming non U.S. location) is between US $155,000 and US $175,000 (see spreadsheet, below). This estimate could vary significantly depending on location and event costs, level of affiliate participation, and agenda. Travel and hotel estimates are for CC affiliates, staff and board only, and do not include costs associated with bringing in third parties to speak/participate. In terms of affiliate participation, CC hopes that at least one representation from each active jurisdiction will be able to attend (currently, CC has 70 +/- active jurisdictions), but realistically expects less than 100% participation. See the spreadsheet, below, for additional assumptions about participation levels.

Fundraising Assumptions

  • All amounts need to be raised by CC and the meeting co-host(s); CC has no existing funds budgeted for the meeting.
  • Fundraising will be a joint effort of CC and the co-host(s), with the co-host expected to lead and contribute meaningfully to the fundraising effort, securing ideally 50% of total costs from funders identified by the co-host(s).