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What is it?

The Creative Commons Global Network Strategy Committee’s role was to identify the relevant issues, suggest areas of research and inquiry, provide analysis, and make a set of recommendations to the affiliate community. In May, the committee met for three days to identify issues and opportunities. At the time, they asked for additional research. Anna Mazgal, an independent researcher, was hired, who designed a series of interviews with affiliate teams, and wrote six reports, along with a global summary report. This is the first time CC has ever looked so deeply into the network and tried to understand how it works, and how best to grow and support it.

Based on the research, and many days of discussions, the committee has drafted a series of recommendations to help create a stronger, more active and engaged community, along with the proper supports to be sustainable. The final draft is now available for comment.

Here you can find the final text of this strategy.

How Can I Give Feedback?

The final draft of the Global Network Strategy is available for comment here -

Who is working on it?

Carolina Botero (Colombia), Claudia Cristiani (El Salvador), Claudio Ruiz (Chile, RC), Delia Browne (Australia), Kelsey Wiens (Canada, SA), Muid Latif (Malaysia), Naeema Zarif (Turkey, Lebanon, RC), Nic Suzor (Australia), Paul Keller (Netherlands, CC board), Evelin Heidel (Argentina), Simeon Oriko (Kenya), Soohyun Pae (South Korea). The committee was co-chaired by Alek Tarkowski (Poland) and Ryan Merkley (Canada/HQ).


Washington, DC, United States - May 2016

Berlin, Germany - November 2016

Faces of the Commons Research

Executive Summaries

Global Summary, Français, Arabic, Spanish

Arab World Summary‎, Arabic

Asia Pacific Summary ‎

Central America Summary

Europe Summary ‎

Latin America Summary, Spanish

Regional Reports

Global Report, Français, Spanish

Africa Report, Français

Arab World Report, Arabic

Asia Pacific Report

Central America Report

Europe Report

Latin America Report, Spanish