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initial notes

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later notes

Purpose -- finding the best ways... to cherish sparks that happen between people @ live events.

First hunch -- Organisr commits to follow up, when aprticipants hand in 2 email addresses and a 1-line spark description.

Simplest unit? - An event organizer just exlpanis what a sparkle is, and provides a big sheet of paper on which they are tracked.

Lightest system? Needs: willing event organiser / sparklez admin to oversee the follow-up (using, et al).

At events without a [fill register?] need -- participanst willing to put emails addresses and sparklez on a wall poster.

Principle - Creating a system /more/ work intensive than the xisting setup (biz cards, pens, emmory) does not cherish the sparks, so does not meet our purpose.

(hat tip to Charlie for articulating the above)

Sample Sparkle E-mail from Organizers

Hi, <name>.

This is a one-time reminder you have asked to receive: Back in <month and year>, you participated in <event> at <location>, where the organizers committed to help you make the most of the “Sparklez” you had with other participants during the event. <x months> have passed and we’re sending all Sparklers a mutual reminder of your Sparkcontacts and the conversation context you provided during the event.

Below is a list of Sparklez you are part of. Please note that you don’t HAVE to act on any of them, and that none of your contact information (not even your e-mail) was shared with anyone apart from us. For your convenience, we offer some action buttons beside each Sparkle:

  • SNOOZE would make our system send you another reminder about the Sparkle in ONE MONTH.
  • SHARE would let you report progress already made on the Sparkle – the organizers will share a concise report of cool things that happened or are happening as a result of Sparkles generated at the event.
  • CONNECT will ask you for your contact information and an optional personal message. Once submitted we’ll deliver it to the person you Sparkled with - Let the ideas flow! You will also be offered to SNOOZE the Sparkle to give you time to act on your Sparkle.
  • FORGET would make our system close the Sparkle and never mention it again. This is what you should pick if you don’t remember making a Sparkle with that person and are not interested in getting in touch with them.

So here are your Sparklez:

  1. Sparkled with <name> [and <name>] about <context/topic> -- [SNOOZE] [SHARE] [CONNECT] [FORGET]
  2. Sparkled with <name> [and <name>] about <context/topic> -- [SNOOZE] [SHARE] [CONNECT] [FORGET]

Have fun, and make cool things happen!

-- From the organizers of <event>

(Sparkle was invented and first implemented in Global Melt Berlin 2011)

Known Deployments

  1. Global Melt 2011, Berlin (v1)
  2. KDE Calligra Sprint, April 2011, Berlin (v1)
  3. (your upcoming event?)