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initial notes

added on Flickr

later notes --

Purpose -- finding the best ways... to cherish sparks that happen between people @ live events.

First hunch -- Organisr commits to follow up, when aprticipants hand in 2 email addresses and a 1-line spark description.

Simplest unit? - An event organizer just exlpanis what a sparkle is, and provides a big sheet of paper on which they are tracked.

Lightest system? Needs: willing event organiser / sparklez admin to oversee the follow-up (using, et al).

At events without a [fill register?] need -- participanst willing to put emails addresses and sparklez on a wall poster.

Principle - Creating a system /more/ work intensive than the xisting setup (biz cards, pens, emmory) does not cherish the sparks, so does not meet our purpose.

(hat tip to Charlie for articulating the above)