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* Software license: GPL
* Software license: GPL
* Content license: CC BY
* Content license: CC BY
* [http://jogos-dapollypocket.org/ jogos da polly]
* [http://jogosdemeninass.org/ jogos de meninas]
[http://www.angrybirdsstarwarsonline.com/tag/play-angry-birds-star-wars Play angry birds star wars]
* [http://jogosdabarbies.org/ jogos da barbie]
[http://www.angrybirdsstarwarsonline.com/angry-birds-star-wars/bad-piggies-game Bad Piggies Game]
* [http://jogosde-moto.org/ jogos de moto]
[http://www.angrybirdsstarwarsgames.com/tag/angry-birds-star-wars angry birds star wars]
* [http://coolmathgames-forkids.org cool math games]
[http://www.angrybirdsstarwars.biz/tag/angry-birds-seasons-2013 angry birds seasons 2013]
[http://www.jogosdekizi.net/ Jogos de kizi]
[http://www.friv4schools.org/ Friv4school]

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Some examples to be added at http://creativecommons.org/tag/video-game (friv games)

http://freegamedev.net/wiki/Complete_open_source_games lists a number of games, some with CC licensed assets, some assets under software licenses.

http://freegamedev.net/wiki/Art_licensing_guide looks interesting.

Similarly, some comments on this at http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Games/Upstream#Source

Go Ollie

LinCity NG


Scorched 3D




Yo Frankie

  • http://yofrankie.org
  • Particularly interesting for using the blender game engine...
  • Software license: GPL
  • Content license: CC BY

Play angry birds star wars Bad Piggies Game angry birds star wars angry birds seasons 2013 Jogos de kizi Friv4school