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Paper & Stationery Supplies Sharpies, post its at Info Desk on 2nd floor (you will need to return unused items after your session) Flip charts will be in each room

Printing There will be no printing available at the event. If you require any printed materials, you might try The Printing House (this location is a 5 minute indoor walk from the venue) but only open Monday to Friday. There is also The FedEx Print Shop at Queen and York St. nearby or another print shop. You can also refer to our section below on the Toronto Public Library System; many of the branches offer printing services.

Google Docs Notes Will be added to your session description on Sched today or tomorrow

You will be responsible for finding an attendee to take notes

The docs are set up to be open to edit by anyone with the link. After your session ends, they will be changed to read-only

In Session No introducer will be provided; please introduce yourselves at the beginning of your session

No moderator will be provided, unless you have specifically notified Terry of one to be listed in your session.

Schedule There is no Sched mobile app, use even on mobile

Add social media and websites to your speaker profiles to make it easier for people to reach you!

Edit your own descriptions and add media and attachments!

Title changes and speaker addition/removal still need to come through me. Session descriptions and your speaker profiles are in your hands.

If you have NOT received your Sched invitation to create your profile, or if you need a password reset, please contact Sched support at Include the event Sched URL ( in your request to them. They are very responsive.

Meeting rooms Dimensions are on Delta website at XXXXXXXXXX Bring your own laptop with any presentation materials. No computers are provided in the rooms. Power and HDMI connections provided only. Internet will be by wi-fi; details provided upon check in at the Summit registration desk. We will have AV tech support available to help you get connected at the start of your session, if needed, but you will need to bring any adapters required to let your device connect to the projectors via HDMI Meeting rooms have the same shared wi-fi as the rest of the space. There are no hardwired network ports available. If your presentation relies on content available online, we recommend you confirm that this will work over wifi. Also, it would be a good idea to have a backup copy available locally on your device, in case of connectivity problems during your session. Each room will have a volunteer room assistant to help you with minor tasks and to assist those attending your session. There will also be two “floating” helpers around, who the room assistant can hand issues off to of they become more complicated.

Open Bazaar [Repeat description of what it is] Not like normal presentation. Plan to adapt your materials and information to “poster session” or “trade show” format We cannot guarantee that you will have access to power. If you will be relying on your laptop please charge the battery ahead of time. You will each have one large, round banquet-style table with chairs. Tables will be numbered according to the listing details in Sched. No screens or projectors will be provided All materials will need to be brought into room prior and removed after by presenter