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This page is for the <a href="">Getting your CC Project Funded</a> course which runs at P2PU during sprint 2011.


This course is meant for those who are working on finding funding for Creative Commons projects. During the course, through a series of workshops and seminars, you will be taken through the steps from an initial idea to having a finished project proposal that can be submitted. You provide the idea -- we provide the guidance to turn this into a proposal that can't be refused.

In total, six workshops on different areas of a project proposal are planned for the first five weeks of the course. After this, there will be a series of expert and peer reviews of your proposals. By the end of the 10th week of the course, you will have received a final review of your project proposal by an experienced reviewer. Based on the comments received from that and previous peer and expert reviews you can then proceed to submit your proposal to a finding body and hope that they will think your project as good as we do!


  • Workshop 1: How do we move from having an idea to realizing those ideas in terms of having aims, and goals?
  • Workshop 2: Which funding bodies are there that can give financial support, and how do we find appropriate sponsors for our project?
  • Workshop 3: How can we structure our proposed work in terms of tasks and how do we make a realistic timeline?
  • Workshop 4: Knowing how long time we estimate, and the resources we need, how do we put together a reasonable budget?
  • Workshop 5: What happens after the funding period is over? How do we make the project sustainable?
  • Workshop 6: What would we look at when reviewing another proposal?


  • Week 1: Introductions and initial round of ideas from participants. Every participant puts at least three different ideas on the table for what they would like to work with. Peer and teacher comments.
  • Week 2: Participants decide on which project to focus on individually. Workshop 1 & 2. Start of individual help to find a funding partner for the projects.
  • Week 3: Workshop 3 & 4
  • Week 4: Workshop 5
  • Week 5: Workshop 6 and first round of expert review (carries into week 6)
  • Week 6: Finishing of the first round of expert reviews
  • Week 7: Peer review 1 where students exchange proposals and review each other
  • Week 8: Peer review 2
  • Week 9: Second and last expert review
  • Week 10: Finishing the course and submitting (if relevant) proposals to funding bodies

Expert reviewers

The course will engage two expert reviewers with experience from both reviewing and writing project proposals. We are continuously seeking additional reviewers with experience, who can contribute to this process, and form a team of reviewers not only for this course but for future courses or CC projects.

  • Jonas Öberg, languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English
  • Julia Velkova, languages: Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, English