Finding of CC licensed Content within Desktop

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Integrate finding of CC licensed content directly within the Desktop (think Gnome or KDE integration). A starting point for Gnome may be the prototype Nautilus extension for displaying license information embedded in MP3 files.

  • Extend the CC licensing extractor for Spotlight to support multiple file formats and polish it to release quality. Issues which must be addressed include extractor chaining and packaging.


  • Jaime Frutos Morales has created Deskbar-Applet CC Search, an extension for Deskbar Applet for the Gnome Desktop to search for CC licensed content.
  • Please add your implementation here :)


Please add your example, screenshot, mockup, etc here :)


Open Dialog: This is an example Open (find) dialog that could use one's local hard drive or a service (on-line, etc).


Save Dialog + Metadata: This shows metadata save dialogs. How could one use these fields to help find content?


Save Dialog + Licensing: This shows licensing dialogs for saving content. How could this be used to help find content on a desktop, web, etc?

NOTE: The GIMP XCF mockup files used to generate these flattened PNGs are availabe here:


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