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Filmmakerss and CC

Online Resources

Featured CC Films

Browse this list of feature-length or otherwise highly notable films under CC licenses. Feel free to add more!

Case Studies

These case studies can help you learn more about how filmmakers use Creative Commons licenses in their work.

Featured Entries

  • A Swarm of Angels: A Swarm of Angels is a groundbreaking project to create a £1 million film and give it away to over 1 million people using the Internet and a global community of members.
  • Blender Foundation: The Blender Foundation supports the development of the Open Source 3D animation program Blender along with producing short movies showcasing the ability of both the program and the community of creators.
  • Chris Denaro: Chris Denaro is an Australian animator who examines industrial processes of prototyping, incorporating Creative Commons materials into his animations to bring spontaneity and serendipity to his works.
  • Following Alexis West: Following Alexis West is a documentary film which examines the effect of New Zealand’s switch to a proportional representation system has had on its politics and culture since 1996.
  • Jay Dedman: Jay Dedman is a long time videoblogger creating online communities where people can learn, share, and remix their ideas.
  • Show Some Color: Show Some Color is a project by the Fabricatorz production group that invites individual women to create videos on their racial identities.

Other Entries

This list is a dynamically generated for all case studies of creators which involve film


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