Evaluating the Understandings, Uses, and Management of Third-Party Content in OER

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As part of its work in the Open Educational Resources (OER) field, Creative Commons has studied the uses and benefits of OER, as well as potential barriers to its production and reuse. In late 2009, CC joined forces with Open.Michigan at the University of Michigan to conduct an exploratory survey of issues associated with incorporating materials released under varied license terms into a single open educational resource. The survey results showed that OER creators feel incorporating third-party content is important to their ability to create high quality materials. It also revealed that OER producers encounter copyright issues when creating their materials, and most commonly rely on exceptions and limitations to copyright when including third-party content in the OER they produce. This paper, "Evaluating the Understandings, Uses, and Management of Third-Party Content in OER", reports more fully on the results of the survey.


Note: This paper is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. Please attribute to Creative Commons and Open.Michigan with a link to this page.


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