European Union: Erasmus: Opening Up Education

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Policy Status: Current
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Policy Title: European Union: Erasmus: Opening Up Education - Go to the policy
Author(s): EU
Description: The Commission will: • Ensure that all educational materials supported by Erasmus+ are available to the public under open licenses and promote similar practices under EU programmes;

  • Use the new programmes Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 to encourage partnerships between creators of educational content (e.g. teachers, publishers, ICT companies), to increase the supply of quality OER and other digital educational materials in different languages, to develop new business models and to develop technical solutions which provide transparent information on copyrights and open licenses to users of digital educational resources;
  • Launch with this Communication the Open Education Europa portal linking it to existing OER repositories in different languages and bringing learners, teachers and researchers together, so to improve the attractiveness and visibility of quality OERs produced in the EU.

Member States and education institutions should:

  • Stimulate open access policies for publicly-funded educational materials;
  • Encourage formal education and training institutions to include digital content, including OERs, among the recommended educational materials for learners at all educational levels and encourage the production, including through public procurement, of high-quality educational materials whose copyrights would belong to public authorities.

See page 12 in the programme guide:

Erasmus+ is the financing programme in education at European level, with a 14.7Billion€ budget (see more at

This is a binding policy at a supra national level.

One of the other actions, from the opening up education initiative, that may interest you is the launch of the This clearly is aligned with item i) of the Paris declaration.

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