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Please note that this event is targeted at interested Creative Commons affiliates. If you wish to attend and are not a current affiliate, please get in touch with the coordinator, Jonas Öberg via email to


Dear affiliates,

you are cordially invited to the first regional meeting of the European affiliates to discuss the ongoing 4.0 revision of the CC license suite. We will meet on the 1st of May in Berlin together with Diane Peters from Creative Commons, who will talk about the work, the rationale behind the first 4.0 draft, as well as lead a coordinate discussion of that draft, drawing on the expertise of the European affiliates participating.

Participation is open for all affiliates and while it's especially relevant for those of you who are legal leads in your jurisdiction, participation would also be welcome from others in an affiliate team, as many of the topics covered in the discussion would be relevant in much of the public communication about Creative Commons.


  • 09.00 - 09.30 Arrival (Coffee, tea, juice will be available)
  • 09.30 - 09.45 Introductions and welcome
  • 09.45 - 10.45 Presentation & update of the 4.0 process
  • 10.45 - 12.00 Introduction of and discussion of current draft (I)
  • 12.00 - 13.15 Lunch
  • 13.15 - 15.00 Continued discussion on current draft (II)
  • 15.00 - 15.30 Coffee/Tea/Cake break
  • 15.30 - 16.30 Roundtable feedback from jurisdictions
  • 16.30 - 17.00 Closing remarks
  • 19.00 - Open gathering at a local pub, with other likeminded orgs in Berlin

On the day after the meeting, on the 2nd of May, the Re:Publica event will open. We'll aim to do something CC at the event, but it might only be a session or two, depending on the interest and other activities. Of some interest might be the co:funding conference which takes place on the 4th of May, to which participants of Re:Publica gets free access. The co:funding conference focuses on crowdfunding and crowdinvestment for creative projects.


We'll be in the conference room of the the Pegasus Hostel, located at Str. der Pariser Kommune 35 in Berlin. The closest subway stop to this is Weberwiese‎ along line U5, from where you can reach Alexanderplatz in two stops.

How to prepare

In order to prepare for the meeting, it's useful to keep yourself updated on the 4.0 process by following the wiki: You should also pay attention to the emails sent to the affiliates list, as they will contain information about current and upcoming drafts of the license. Please pay particular attention to review the first consultation draft of the license that will be published by then. To the extent possible, it would be useful if you can organize to receive feedback from legal scholars as well as the public in your jurisdiction to be able to take their considerations in mind when attending the meeting, and deliver them in the discussion or in the roundtable feedback.


Lunch will be provided free of charge, and we'll do our best to cater to any particular requirements. If you think there's something we should know (allergies, if you're vegetarian, pescetarian, or so), then please let us know well in advance.

Travel & accommodation

While we want to see as many affiliates as possible participate in this meeting, our ability to fund travel & accommodation is very limited at this time. We therefor expect the affiliates to cover this cost themselves. If you think that the meeting would be relevant to you, but you absolutely do not have enough funds to cover participation on your own or through your affiliate, you should inform about this as early as possibly, but not later than the 6th of April via email to Currently, decisions on this will be taken on a case-by-case basis by Creative Commons. Providing some funding yourself, and only asking for a part of it, will obviously increase the likelihood of a positive reply.


Please register not later than the 20th of April via email to