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We currently publish license claim embedding recommendations for MP3 and OGG files. We want to publish similar recommendations for every popular "media" file format including Quicktime, Windows Media, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, Flash... Can you research a file format and suggest a specification? We also need people to provide implementations of our recommendations in various languages, e.g., a Java library that embeds, reads, and verifies license claims. See the cctools project for existing implementations.


MP3 - audio format

OGG - audio format

Quicktime - Video and Multimedia format

Windows Media - Video format

PDF - document (and multimedia) format

XML - W3C document format

SVG - W3C Graphics format

SMIL - W3C Multimedia format

OpenDocument Format - ODF (ODT, ODP, ODS, ODG)

Microsoft Office Document Formats - the legacy Microsoft Office formats

Microsoft XML Format - the new Microsoft XML format

MP4 - Video and Multimedia format

Matroska - Patent-free media container format

Exif - Image file format for cameras (JPEG, TIFF, RIFF WAVE)

Please add your own file type



  • (DONE) Make specs/implementations a top-level category, with each format it's own challenge.
  • Upon completion of a spec, issue a challenge for implementations in different languages and addition of support to existing libraries.