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[[Category:Developer Challenges]]
We currently publish license claim embedding recommendations for [[MP3]] and [[OGG]] files. We want to publish similar recommendations for every popular "media" file format including Quicktime, Windows Media, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, Flash... Can you research a file format and suggest a specification? We also need people to provide implementations of our recommendations in various languages, e.g., a Java library that embeds, reads, and verifies license claims. See the [http://cctools.sourceforge.net/ cctools] project for existing implementations.
== Filetypes ==
=== [[MP3]] - audio format ===
=== [[OGG]] - audio format ===
=== [[Quicktime]] - Video and Multimedia format ===
=== [[Windows Media]] - Video format ===
=== [[PDF]] - document (and multimedia) format ===
=== [[XML]] - W3C document format ===
=== [[SVG]] - W3C Graphics format ===
=== [[SMIL]] - W3C Multimedia format ===
=== [[OpenDocument Format]] - ODF (ODT, ODP, ODS, ODG) ===
=== [[Microsoft Office Document Formats]] - the legacy Microsoft Office formats ===
=== [[Microsoft XML Format]] - the new Microsoft XML format ===
=== [[MP4]] - Video and Multimedia format ===
=== [[Matroska]] - Patent-free media container format ===
=== [[Exif]] - Image file format for cameras (JPEG, TIFF, RIFF WAVE) ===
=== Please add your own file type ===
== Examples ==
* Creative Commons' [http://cctools.sourceforge.net/ cctools] has some reference implementations
** [[Command Line Tools|CC Command Line Tools]]
** [[CcPublisher]] is a tool for generating license information for a file and optionally uploading it to the [http://www.archive.org Internet Archive] for free hosting (forever)
== TODO ==
* (DONE) Make specs/implementations a top-level category, with each format it's own challenge.
* Upon completion of a spec, issue a challenge for implementations in different languages and addition of support to existing libraries.

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