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This is a list of Creative Commons licensed education-based media. This is a partial port of the original education page.


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Featured Education sites


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  • Main URL:
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed
  • Formts:
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection:


  • Main URL:
  • CC-only portal: everything is open content
  • CC-only feed: ?
  • Formats: text
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: around 30 multilingual courses and tutorials
  • Notes:

OER Commons

  • Main URL:
  • CC-only portal: Much content CC licenses, but not all.
  • CC-only feed: Filter function is available
  • Formats: audio, video, text, pdf, flash, powerpoint
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: Thousands of CC-licensed and otherwise open resources.

  • Main URL:
  • CC-only portal: Everything is CC (
  • CC-only feed: Everything is CC (
  • Formats: Text
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: Free multilingual database for film information, including relations and text information
  • Notes: A network of open teaching and learning materials, with ratings and reviews. Materials for K12 and higher education, including lesson plans, videos, podcasts, lecture notes, and more.

Open CourseWare Consortium

MIT OpenCourseWare

Selected course notes, assignments, and syllabi from MIT courses

Course materials and lectures from a one-year, intensive post-baccalaureate program in Computer Science

Connexions Repository

Rice University's course material available for distribution and reuse

Berklee Shares

Music lessons from the premier institution for the study of contemporary music


Working towards a free education curriculum for all sectors by 2015.

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