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''These are in order of general relevance and promotion.''
''These are in order of general relevance and promotion.''
* [[Media:Creativecommons-informational-flyer_eng.pdf]] (pdf) [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227788/creativecommonsinformationalflyereng On Scribd.com]
# [[Media:Creativecommons-informational-flyer_eng.pdf]] (pdf) [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227788/creativecommonsinformationalflyereng On Scribd.com]
* [[Media:Creativecommons-what-is-creative-commons_eng.pdf]] (pdf)  [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227452/creativecommonswhatiscreativecommonseng On Scribd.com]
# [[Media:Creativecommons-what-is-creative-commons_eng.pdf]] (pdf)  [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227452/creativecommonswhatiscreativecommonseng On Scribd.com]
* [[Sharing_Creative_Works|Sharing Creative Works Comics]] - A general introduction to copyright and CC licensing
# [[Sharing_Creative_Works|Sharing Creative Works Comics]] - A general introduction to copyright and CC licensing
* [[Media:Creativecommons-licensing-and-marking-your-content_eng.pdf]] (pdf)  [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227448/creativecommonslicensingandmarkingyourcontenteng On Scribd.com]
# [[Media:Creativecommons-licensing-and-marking-your-content_eng.pdf]] (pdf)  [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227448/creativecommonslicensingandmarkingyourcontenteng On Scribd.com]
* [[Web Integration]]
# [[Web Integration]]
** [[Media:Creativecommons-integration-with-your-website_eng.pdf]] (pdf) [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227446/creativecommonsintegrationwithyourwebsiteeng On Scribd.com]
## [[Media:Creativecommons-integration-with-your-website_eng.pdf]] (pdf) [http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227446/creativecommonsintegrationwithyourwebsiteeng On Scribd.com]

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Welcome to the Creative Commons Documentation project!

This is a page for critical documentation about large scale CC specifications, recommendations, white papers, tutorials and other pieces that need to be written to explain various facets of Creative Commons across the board.

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Top 5 Docs

These are in order of general relevance and promotion.

  1. Media:Creativecommons-informational-flyer_eng.pdf (pdf) On Scribd.com
  2. Media:Creativecommons-what-is-creative-commons_eng.pdf (pdf) On Scribd.com
  3. Sharing Creative Works Comics - A general introduction to copyright and CC licensing
  4. Media:Creativecommons-licensing-and-marking-your-content_eng.pdf (pdf) On Scribd.com
  5. Web Integration
    1. Media:Creativecommons-integration-with-your-website_eng.pdf (pdf) On Scribd.com

Creative Commons Explained

Documents that aim to explain CC and licensing.


  • Developer - Documentation for software developers.


  • FAQ - Important documentation of frequently asked CC questions.

Integration Best Practices

Mailing list archives





How does Creative Commons and Commercial entities work together to get artists and companies paid?


Podcasting Legal Guide

Staff Contributions

Technical Documentation

White Papers

Help Translate Documents

Please help CC translate these documents into other languages. For the documents written in English already uploaded to this site, we've included the standardized 3-character language code, ISO 639-2. For example, the Web Integration PDF is labeled "Creativecommons-webintegration_eng.pdf". A Japanese translation of the same document would be labeled "Creativecommons-webintegration_jpn.pdf".

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How do you see CC? While these documents can exist on this wiki just fine and is a great way to get started, below is a package consisting of the Scribus document and files necessary to make documentation. Please post up any of your creations on this page!

Please help us complete these!

Teaching Creative Commons

How should you go about teaching Creative Commons ideas to a general audience?

Creative Commons in the classroom

Creative Commons Overview for your Company

An overview of Creative Commons for a company.

Creative Commons + Open CourseWare Legal Guide