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= Welcome =
Welcome to the homepage for all things Software Development at Creative Commons.  We hope to build a community of developers interested in the development of tools to facilitate Creative Commons' licenses and standards.
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== Getting Involved ==
Getting involved with the Creative Commons Develoer Community is easy!  Here are some examples of things you can work on:
* Try your hand at some [[Developer Challenges|Developer Challenges]]!
* [http://translate.creativecommons.org Translate] projects into different languages.
* Participate in the [[Summer of Code]] program.
* [[Maximize Software Distribution|Maximizing software distribution]] by targeting distros, PR, etc.
== Community Goals ==
* Build a strong and supportive community of developers
* Support Creative Commons Developer Community Projects
* Build infrastructure around Creative Commons licenses
* Build infrastructure around Creative Commons standards
== Joining the Community ==
A community is built not only around the code which is written but the interaction between the developers.  Here is the information on how to join the mailing list and IRC channels used by the community.
* [[Mailing Lists]]
* [[IRC]]
* CC + [[Open Source]] - Learn about the CC Developer Community.
== Documentation ==
* Available ways to enable users to [[Choose license|choose a licens]].
* [[License Wrappers|Reading Licenses]] in various programming languages
* [[HOWTO Patch|HOWTO Create, Apply and Submit Patches]]
* [[Translate|Translating]] - Help localize for your language
* [[Coding Style]] - General coding guidelines and settings
* [[UsingMarkup| Using Markup]]
* [[git phrasebook]] - Tips on using "git" well
* [[Software Release Procedure]] - best practices for releasing CC Developer Community Software
== Discussion ==
* [[Search Engine Survey]] - General survey of the open source search engine scene
* [[Operating System Search Survey]] - General survey of search and metadata
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== Projects ==
The Creative Commons Development Community actively develops the following software projects:
* [[liblicense]] - An abstract library for reading and writing license meta-data.
* [[License tagger]] - A small cross-platform application which implements liblicense.
* [[ccHost]] - The software which powers [[ccMixter]].
* [[Translator]] - http://translate.creativecommons.org/
* [[ccLookup]]
* [[Command Line Tools]]
* [[ccNutch]]
* [[ccTeamspace]], a task and project tracking system
* [[ccPublisher]] (not maintained any more)
Also see the [[:Category:Tools|Tools Category Index]] for links to additional projects.  Code for our projects is hosted at [http://code.creativecommons.org code.creativecommons.org] or [[CcTools Berlios|Berlios.de]]; see the [[Source Repository Policy]] for information on contributing code or starting a new project.  See the [[Source Repository Information]] page for general information about the available modules and how to check them out from source control.
=== Supporting Projects ===
We also maintain several library projects which are reused in some of our applications:
* [[License Wrappers]] language-specific wrappers for representing and manipulating license information
* [[Creative Commons Web Services]]
* [[Web Services Client Implementations]]
* [[pyArchive]]
* [[Ajax License Chooser]]
* [[libfeedback]]
=== Exploratory Projects ===
The projects below are currently being discussed or explored:
* [[Developer Challenges]] - a long list of challenges set for exploration
* [[Content Aggregation]]
* [[Dream CC Tool]] - A discussion of the "ideal" CC tool; possibly the successor to ccPublisher?
* [[Development Ideas]] - A collection of nascent ideas for CC-enabled tools. As these become more fleshed out, they'll be moved to their own pages.
== Developer Community Credits ==
* [[User:NathanYergler|Nathan Yergler]]
* [http://www.fourstones.net Victor Stone]
* [[User:Jon Phillips|Jon Phillips]]
* [http://www.burobjorn.nl Bjorn Wijers]
* [[User:Mike Linksvayer|Mike Linksvayer]]
* [[User:BryceHarrington|Bryce Harrington]]

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