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The primary goal of the Creative Commons Developer Community (CCDC) is to build a community of developers around the development of tools facilitating Creative Commons' licenses and standards.

The development process is in the fashion of standard Open Source communities. To participate, please join one or all of the following communication Channels.


  • Build a strong and supportive community of developers
  • Support Creative Commons Developer Community Projects
  • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons licenses
  • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons standards


For information on working with CC source code, see the CC Hacking page. It contains general information on using the CVS repository, tools we use, and how to contribute code back to the projects. You can also check out the CC Tools Repository Map, which details the different modules in CVS.

These pages are dedicated to exploring possible CC enabled tools of the future. What would be the killer app? How would you like CC to fit into your workflow? Document your thoughts here.

  • Blue Sky A collection of nascent ideas for CC-enabled tools. As these become more fleshed out, they'll be moved to their own pages.
  • Dream CC Tool A discussion of the "ideal" CC tool; possibly the successor to ccPublisher?

General Documentation


Please join chat on channel #cc of server. For those not familar with IRC have a look at the Wikipedia definition and download a software program for your operating-system so you can participate in the CC chatchannel.

Mailing List

Join the cc-devel mailing list.

Developer Community

Other Resources