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Welcome to Innovate Consulting Firm, where we provide all your concerns in HR Matters, Accounting and Research and Development Department.

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File:Example.jpgMedia:Example.ogg<math>Insert formula here</math>File:Example.jpg= Get Involved = Getting involved with the Creative Commons Develoer Community is easy! Here are some examples of things you can work on:


The Creative Commons Development Community actively develops the following software projects:

Also see the Tools Category Index for links to additional projects. Code for our projects is hosted at or; see the Source Repository Policy for information on contributing code or starting a new project. See the Source Repository Information page for general information about the available modules and how to check them out from source control.

Historical Projects

Exploratory Projects

The projects below are currently being discussed or explored:

  • Dream CC Tool - A discussion of the "ideal" CC tool; possibly the successor to ccPublisher?
  • Development Ideas - A collection of nascent ideas for CC-enabled tools. As these become more fleshed out, they'll be moved to their own pages.

Community Goals

  • Build a strong and supportive community of developers
  • Support Creative Commons Developer Community Projects
  • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons licenses
  • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons standards