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= Welcome =
Welcome to the homepage for all things Software Development at Creative Commons. 
= Get Involved =
Getting involved with the Creative Commons Develoer Community is easy!  Here are some examples of things you can work on:
* '''Join the Community!''' - Find developers on the [[Mailing Lists|mailing lists]] or [[IRC|IRC channel]].
* Try your hand at some '''[[Developer Challenges|Developer Challenges]]!'''
* '''[http://translate.creativecommons.org Translate]''' projects into different languages.
* Participate in the '''[[Summer of Code]]''' program.
* [http://code.creativecommons.org/issues/ File bugs].
* [http://code.creativecommons.org Check out our code].
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= Projects =
The Creative Commons Development Community actively develops the following software projects:
* [[liblicense]] - An abstract library for reading and writing license meta-data.
* [[License tagger]] - A small cross-platform application which implements liblicense.
* [[LicenseChooser.js]] - provides a lightweight method for integrating license selection into web applications.
* [[ccHost]] - The software which powers [[ccMixter]].
* [[ccTeamspace]], a task and project tracking system
* [[Creative Commons Web Services]]
** [[License Wrappers]] language-specific wrappers for representing and manipulating license information
* [[CcValidator]] - A web application for showing and verifying the metadata in web objects
Also see the [[:Category:Tools|Tools Category Index]] for links to additional projects.  Code for our projects is hosted at [http://code.creativecommons.org code.creativecommons.org] or [[CcTools Berlios|Berlios.de]]; see the [[Source Repository Policy]] for information on contributing code or starting a new project.  See the [[Source Repository Information]] page for general information about the available modules and how to check them out from source control.
== Historical Projects ==
* [[ccPublisher]] (not maintained any more)
* [[ccLookup]]
* [[Command Line Tools]]
* [[ccNutch]]
* [[Web Services Client Implementations]]
* [[pyArchive]]
* [[libfeedback]]
== Exploratory Projects ==
The projects below are currently being discussed or explored:
* [[Development Ideas]] - A collection of nascent ideas for CC-enabled tools. As these become more fleshed out, they'll be moved to their own pages.
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= Documentation =
* Available ways to enable users to [[Choose license|choose a license]].
* [[License Wrappers|Reading Licenses]] in various programming languages
* [[HOWTO Patch|HOWTO Create, Apply and Submit Patches]]
* [[Translate|Translating]] - Help localize for your language
* [[Coding Style]] - General coding guidelines and settings
* [[UsingMarkup| Using Markup]]
* [[git phrasebook]] - Tips on using "git" well
* [[Software Release Procedure]] - best practices for releasing CC Developer Community Software
= Discussion =
* [[Search Engine Survey]] - General survey of the open source search engine scene
* [[Operating System Search Survey]] - General survey of search and metadata

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