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The primary goal of the Creative Commons Developer Community (CCDC) is to build a community of developers around the development of tools facilitating Creative Commons' licenses and standards.
== Community Goals ==
* Build a strong and supportive community of developers
* Support Creative Commons Developer Community Projects
* Build infrastructure around Creative Commons licenses
* Build infrastructure around Creative Commons standards
== Get Involved ==
* [[Mailing Lists]]
* [[IRC Chat]]
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== Projects ==
Creative Commons actively develops the following software projects:
* [[ccPublisher]]
* [[ccLookup]]
* [[ccHost]] (ccMixter source code)
* [[Command Line Tools]]
=== Supporting Projects ===
We also maintain several library projects which are reused in some of our applications:
* [[Creative Commons Web Services]]
* [[pyArchive]]
* [[Ajax License Chooser]]
=== Exploratory Projects ===
* [[Content Aggregation]]

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