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Panel, in Denmark



Danish collecting society KODA, Creative Commons Danmark and a line of Danish labels and artists invites everyone to join two evenings of debate about the Internet at new music business models.

The music and songwriter business are facing great changes these years. The Internet has significantly changed the way we distribute and consume music, and there are many opinions both for and against the technological advances and the legal and illegal measures presented by the web.

Creative Commons is one of the initiatives that serve to bridge the gab between new and old ways in the music world, and the Danish collecting society KODA was one of the first songwriter's guilds to embrace the Creative Commons tools by initiating a pilot that allowed Danish composers to use the non-commercial CC licenses.

At these events - in Danish capital Copenhagen and second largest city Aarhus - focus is put on introducing more songwriters to the licenses and talk about how they work and present examples of how some Danish recordlabels and artists are already using the licenses to create business. Furthermore the discussion will also move into more topics such as the mechanisms behind file sharing in general and how that might be used as an advantage for songwriters.

The program will contain a presentation of the CC license tools as well as a talk by KODA's representatives - following by a series of presentations by Danish labels and artists who succesfully use the licenses. They will give insight into their business models and share the experiences of their experimentation.

Participating labels and artists include Uhrlaut Records, Per Vers, Tone, Dad Rocks!, Town Portal, Father Figure Records and Red Tape Recordings.


Copenhagen: Wednesday March 7, 2012 - at KODA, Landemaerket 23-25, 1016 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Aarhus: Thursday March 8, 2012 - at Promus, Vestre Allé 15, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark (entry through Raabar)

Both nights run 7pm-10-pm, free admission.

More info:

Christian Villum - Creative Commons -

Nicolaj Hyltén-Cavallius - KODA -

Event website: (in Danish) [1]