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The intention of this article is to discover and examine the problems has with regards to user experience, accessibility, ease of use, content, etc. Constructive thoughts about how you feel the site currently looks and works, and how you believe it could be improved.

Site Architecture and Design

  • What is CC; Why is it compelling?
  • How can I use/understand CC easily and efficiently?

Information and Content

  • Overview
    • An average, non-technical, person should be able to come to CC.ORG, and very quickly find out the basics of what CC provides and how it can help him. As it stands, a first time visitor has a hard time digging into the dense information currently provided.
  • Ideally, less words up front.
    • People new to CC would probably prefer bite sized introductions, and pictures — compelling hooks to allow them to learn and, hopefully, disseminate to friends, colleagues, students. Long articles describing what CC is, and what the licenses are, etc. are great for those who already know about CC.
  • Videos easy to find

Specific pages needing overhaul

Near duplicate content

Please list highly redundant pages so we can decide which to merge and which to more highly focus:

Wiki Main Page

Theme and Layout

  • ...

License Chooser

  • Updated results page
  • There is a fairly urgent need to reword the descriptive text to clarify unambiguously and in no uncertain terms that the chooser is in no way whatsoever a registration form, nor is it creating a unique license of any sort. It's need to explicitly state, and probably in a highlighted fashion, that it is nothing more and nothing less than a helpful tool to help someone select the right type of license, and also useful for generating some good HTML for the purposes of marking a work online. I can't tell you how many info@ emails I get where people think that they are creating a license or registering a work. And if the info@ emails can be taken a somewhat representative sample of the general CC-using public, then there is a huge amount of mis-understanding floating around.


  • An easier way to quickly attribute a work via the deed.
  • ...