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See our [[metadata|metadata section]] for theory and advanced practice.
See our [[metadata|metadata section]] for theory and advanced practice.
'''Questi lavori sono pubblicati sotto una Licenza Creative Commons'''
== HTML ==
'''This works are publishing under a Creative Commons License'''
See our guide on [[HOWTO Tag HTML pages|how to tag works]].
== RSS ==
== RSS ==

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Using Creative Commons Metadata

Creative Commons Metadata can be embedded in a variety of formats. Here are details on specific formats. (If your favorite format isn't here please add it to this list).

See our metadata section for theory and advanced practice.


See our guide on how to tag works.


For RSS 1.0, use the Creative Commons module. For RSS 2.0, use the creativeCommons module.

Syndic8 tracks RSS feeds that are available under a Creative Commons license.

Audio (MP3 and Ogg)

See our guidelines for tagging non-web content and specifics concerning tagging MP3 and Ogg files.

XMP (PDF, image formats)

Use current Adobe applications to embed Creative Commons metadata in PDF and other XMP-supported file types.

SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language)

Use the CreativeCommons SMIL Module.

Other Formats

Please add other formats here as you and others develop them.