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== First week or two: getting acclimated ==
== First week or two: getting acclimated ==

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First week or two: getting acclimated

Server / git access

  • Generate SSH key
  • Coordinate with nkinkade about getting on servers
  • Coordinate about getting git access

Get cc packages set up with zc.buildout

Do git checkouts *via ssh* for all of these packages:

  • cc.license
  • cc.licenserdf
  • cc.engine
  • cc.i18n
  • cc.api
  • cc.deedscraper

You should then set up zc.buildout. For more about what zc.buildout is, let's talk on the phone.

 python bootstrap.py && ./bin/buildout

Get server running

In cc.engine:

 ./bin/paster serve cc.engine.ini --reload

Get cross-package virtualenv working


This will be important when you have to work on multiple packages that affect each other at once.

Reading materials

You aren't expected to completely grasp all of this immediately.

Some general CC pages you should read:


You should have the machine you work on have backups done regularly and automatically. We have some in-house backup machines, but you can backup locally, even to an external drive. You just need to backup your data.

Some of us like using Dirvish for this.

Start working on tickets

EG, with Jon Palecek, we're starting with:


Talk and pick out the appropriate tickets