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DATE: February 13, 2008 CONTACT: Ernest Rock


Work at Home Dad finds Freedom at Home

Member of the fastest growing team in AmeriPlan

(Orlando, FL) Ernest Rock has built a successful business at home, earned the first management level of Regional Sales Director within AmeriPlan®, and has found true financial Freedom at Home, all while being a ‘Work at Home Dad’.

Like many other Americans, Ernest and his wife, LaToya, found it necessary to have two incomes to get by. Ernest’s daily routine was spent; rushing his son off to daycare in the morning, spending eight hours-a-day in an unfulfilling job, fighting the commute traffic home, cooking dinner, bathing his son, putting him to bed, then preparing to do it all over again the next day. Ernest knew there had to be a better way, one that would allow him to enjoy raising his son and also offer the financial security necessary for his family. AmeriPlan® provided both.

This work at home dad is one of more than 50,000 Independent Business Owners (IBO) who have joined AmeriPlan®, all working toward building financial freedom from home. He is also a member of the Freedom At Home Team™, the largest and fastest growing team in AmeriPlan®.

“I had always dreamed of being a stay at home dad and being the nurturing figure in my child's life was very important to me. I found myself searching for something I could do from home... this is when I found AmeriPlan®,” stated Ernest. “AmeriPlan® and the Freedom At Home Team™ offered a simple system to follow that I could work around my family’s schedule.”

“I help people save money on their healthcare expenses and assist others make money by offering our great benefits,” Ernest continued. “In less than one month, I became a Regional Sales Director with AmeriPlan®. Just two weeks later, I fired my boss. I now have fun working part time from home – all around my son’s nap time, and have more time to spend with my wife. I no longer spend hours in rush-hour traffic, and I earn more money then I ever did in corporate America working 9 to 5. I have truly found freedom at home.”

Ernest Rock is the latest Freedom At Home Team™ (FAHT) member to reach the level of Regional Sales Director. He is already working on the next management level and is helping other team members achieve their dreams of ‘firing their boss’.


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