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Developer Aids, Libraries, and Specifications

License metadata validation web application

1 implementation

This application should work much like the W3C RDF Validation Service. It may even re-use some of the same code. Instead of parsing RDF from a text input box or URL and displaying represented triples, the license metadata version should extract RDF potentially embedded in HTML from a text input box or URL, parse the RDF, and display license and work properties instead of raw RDF triples.

Update: Nathan Yergler's excellent ccValidator meets the challenge! Please send Nathan bug reports, feature requests, and patches. If you have a different (better, thinks you) implementation in mind, don't be dissuaded by existing code -- the W3C RDF validator has used at least two different implementations.

Content Creation Applications

GUI for embedding license claims in files and generating claim verification RDF

We have a command line tool that embeds license claims in MP3 and OGG files and generates claim verification for these files according to our license metadata embedding guidelines. We need a GUI version of this tool (or versions, for different platforms). The most basic implementation would allow a user to choose a file, enter some information (at least copyright holder, license chosen, and URL of the page that will verify the embedded claim), embed the claim in the file, and display verification RDF for copy&paste into the verification web page. More sophisticated implementations might help a user manage their tagged files or interface with specific web publishing systems to make publishing verification metadata transparent.