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= Community Communications Working Group=
This page can now be found at [[Community_Communications]]
The Community Communications Working Group is led by Jennie Rose Halperin, Communications Manager at Creative Commons. It will bring together Global Communications Teams working on issues of the commons.
==Current Work==
* [https://pad.creativecommons.org/p/cc-community-comms May 31 Meeting Notes]
==How we communicate with each other==
*[https://creativecommons.slack.com/messages/C5E2MD31N/ #cc-comms slack]
*Affiliates Mailing list cc-affiliates@lists.ibiblio.org
==Global Communications Leads==
===CC HQ===
Jennie Rose Halperin, jennie@creativecommons.org
==[[Community Communications Working Group/Assets]]==

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This page can now be found at Community_Communications