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This page collects information about the interaction between various creative commons jurisdiction projects and collecting societies. It provides an overview of jurisdictions where Collecting Society members can use Creative Commons licenses ('Projects') and of jurisdictions where there are talks between the jurisdiction project and a collecting society in order to archive this goal ('Negotiations').


  1. Increase usage of CC license usage in jurisdiction
  2. Increase profitability of cc license users
  3. Support non-exclusive collecting societies

NOTE: While many copyright holders work with Collecting Societies, it is important to be cordial with collecting societies and provide information about integrating Creative Commons licenses, but be mindful of overall #Priorities.


  • Netherlands: pilot project between CC Netherlands and BUMA/STEMRA (Collecting society for composers and songwriters) launched on 23 august 2007 and currently running.
  • Denmark: trail agreed between KODA (Collecting society for composers, songwriters and music publishers) launced on 31 january 2008 and currently running.
  • Sweden: On 27 may STIM (Collecting society for composers, songwriters and music publishers) announced a two year trail that allows for their members to use CC-NC licenses. Currently running without involvement by CC-Sweden.

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