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Renmin University (academic institution)

Chunyan Wang

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English above, Chinese below.

Public Discussion

The public discussion is an open forum where everyone – from lawyers to active license users, from linguists to translators — is invited to contribute.

The BY-NC-SA 3.0 license draft adapted to Chinese law is ready for public discussion. The Chinese and English versions of the BY-NC-SA license are available, as is a summary of the substantial changes proposed by the legal team to port the licenses to China Mainland copyright law.

If you have comments about the license draft, whether in regards to legal, linguistic or usability issues, please feel welcome to use the wiki's discussion page or the CC China Mainland mailing list to share your thoughts.

Comments should be submitted as soon as possible to allow enough time for review.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Project Lead Chunyan Wang with the support of Renmin University and the CC China Mainland team.


公开讨论是一个开放的论坛,在这里我们邀请每个人 -从律师到许可协议的活跃用户,从语言学者到翻译- 来贡献一份力量。

根据中国大陆法律本地化的署名-非商业性使用-相同方式共享 3.0许可协议草案已经完成,准备供公众讨论。该协议草案的中英文版本都可以下载,除此之外,还有由项目法律团队准备的在本地化过程中的重要变更的摘要。

如果您对授权草案有任何评论,无论是有关法律、语言或可用性问题,欢迎随时使用 Wiki的讨论页知识共享中国大陆项目的邮件列表分享您的想法