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Welcome to CCPlus!

CC+ is CC license + Another agreement.

CC+ is a protocol to enable a simple way for users to get rights beyond the rights granted by a CC license. For example, a Creative Commons license might offer noncommercial rights. With CC+, the license can also provide a link to secure rights beyond noncommercial rights -- most obviously commercial rights, but also services of use even when commercial use is permitted, such as warranty, ability to use without attribution, or even access to performance or physical media.

The CC+ architecture gives businesses a simple way to move between the sharing and commercial economies. CC+ provides a lightweight standard around these best practices and is available for implementation immediately.

General Contributors

LiveContent is a cd to help plug anyone into free and open content and the free GNU/Linux desktop. Below are some simple pages to help you get started with using this easy-to-use CD.


This section is for active and hopeful contributors to the project. Please jump into the steps below if you are interested in digging in deeper into this project.


LiveContent is made possible through the community of creators, content curators, and developers. Creative Commons encourages others to provide ideas, feedback, comments and connections to other projects on this wiki page. There are many ways to contribute:

  1. Sign up for an account on this wiki and begin adding to the community - your knowledge, ideas and contributions are welcome
  2. IRC - Channel #CC at - general chatter from CC-ers, affiliates, guests -
  3. cc-devel listserv - Creative Commons developers email list -