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Managing Licenses

As of 5.1 administrators have easy, total control over which licenses are available during the upload process. The licenses are shown to the user on the submit forms.

Please note that with ccHost you are only managing references to licenses, not the actual license itself. For example, if you want to present a custom commercial license to the user, you would create the license with other tools and then use the ccHost facilities described below to reference that license.

Choose License For Submit Forms

You can edit which licenses are available for the user during upload of original material. While logged in administrator:

- Click on "Manage Site" then "Submit Forms" (or browse to admin/submit) - You can create a new submit form type by clicking on 'Add New Submit Form' button or click on Edit next to one of the existing type to bring up the submit form editor. - At the section called Licenses you can select which licenses or waivers are available for type submission to your site. (They will appear as a radio button choice in the submit form.) - Click Submit button when you're done.

Repeat these steps for each submit form type.

If only pick one license or waiver, then no options will be available for the user during submit. You could, for example, have one submit form for just Public Domain submissions and another form for CC Attribution.

If the Enable Remix Search is enabled then no explicit license choices are available during submit, since the ccHost code will pick the "strictest" license based on the sources of the upload. See below if you would to offer users even stricter licenses during the uploading of derived works.

Editing the Licenses in the System

If you would like change some of the properties of the licenses (e.g. their graphical logos) or offer more licenses than the ccHost defaults, (e.g. different jurisdictions) you can edit them in the following way: - Click on "Global Settings" then "Licenses" (or browser to admin/license - note there is 's' at the end of 'license') - Click on the Add New License button to create a new license in the system, or click Edit next to the license you wish to edit.

License Properties

The License ID is only editable for the new licenses and must be unique across the system. You can put a number at the end if you like: attribution_4 for the a future version of the CC-BY license.

As of this writing the Jurisdiction field is not used in ccHost.

The Description field can have HTML in it and will be displayed directly in the submit form to the user.

The Permits/Requires/Prohibits section are used by CC-aware search engines such as Google(tm) and Yahoo!(tm).