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You can create pages in your system without any HTML/XML file editing whatsoever. Examples of pages created this way are the ccMixter home page and As Seen on the Web. Learn more about how ccHost manages content.

Step 1. Creating content for the pages

The actual content for the pages will entered as 'topics' (similar to reviews and forum posts).

First create new content topics:

  1. Log in as an admin (if not already)
  2. Click on Global Settings then Manage Page Content (or browse to admin/content)
  3. Click on the Create new content link
  4. At New Content Type type in "my_page_content" (without the quotes)
  5. Enter a title and topic contents (you can use the topic formatting commands)
  6. Click on the Submit Content button.

When you want to add more topics repeat the steps above but select "my_page_content" from the Content type drop down instead of entering it manually.

Optionally add images

You can optionally add images when submitting content.

Images are uploaded to <local_files>/images To refer to those images use the [img] block in your topics. Example:


You can also use the [left] or [right] blocks to float images:


Next create a new content page:

Optionally perform queries

One powerful feature of adding content this way is the ability to easily embed queries into your content topics. This is how the Featured Playlists feature at ccMixter is implemented:


Step 2. Create the page

Your topic type is now ready to be merged with a page. Here is how you set up that page:

  1. Log in as an admin (if not already)
  2. Click on Global Settings then Manage Page Content (or browse to admin/content
  3. Click on the Create new page' link
  4. At Content Type select "my_page_content"
  5. Enter a page title like "My Page" (without the quotes)
  6. Click on the Submit button - this should take you back to the 'Manage Page Content' screen
  7. Click on the view next to your new page to preview the page (Note the URL in your browser)

Step 3. Optionally Map a Page to a Navigation Tab

To map your new page to a tab:

  1. Log in as an admin (if not already)
  2. Click on Manage Site then Navigator Tab Sets (or browse to admin/tabs)
  3. Click on the edit tabs links
  4. Click on the Add tab button
  5. Under Function select 'Execute URL'
  6. Under Data enter the URL from the last step in the section above
  7. Click on the Submit button

HINT: entering a full URL in a tab causes a re-direct (extra round trip to your server). To prevent this, enter /docs/<page_name> instead.