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ccValidator is an on-line service which parses Creative Commons licenses, validates the RDF and displays their contents in human readable form. It is useful for ensuring that your license accurately reflects the rights you wish to reserve (or not). The service is available from the Creative Commons at

This service was created in response to a list of developer challenges published by the Creative Commons. Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome. You can e-mail them to


The validator consists of a CGI driver and a handful of Python support modules. You can download the tarball here. The parsing is performed by ccRdf, a set of Python classes that wrap Creative Commons licenses. These classes provide facilities to parse, examine and emit license and work-related RDF.

Source Code

The current implementation is available is Darcs at We are currently working on updating this implementation with some new features; the source for the new implementation will reside in the Creative Commons Subversion repository.

Additional Resources

  • CcRdf performs the heavy lifting for the service
  • RdfExtract is used to pull out interesting bits
  • Historical development notes are in Nathan Yergler's blog; the ccValidate-specific archive is located here.