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=== Outstanding Issues ===
=== Outstanding Issues ===
==== Beta 1 ====
ccPublisher bugs and feature requests are now tracked in Roundup.  You can access the ccPublisher tracker at http://roundup.creativecommons.org/ccpublisher/.
* <del>ZCML Packaging</del>
* [http://roundup.creativecommons.org/ccpublisher/issue?%40search_text=&title=&%40columns=title&topic=1&id=&%40columns=id&creation=&activity=&%40columns=activity&%40sort=activity&priority=&%40group=priority&status=&%40columns=status&%40pagesize=50&%40startwith=0&%40sortdir=on&%40action=search Outstanding bugs for the Beta release]
** <del>When packaging using py2exe, the ZCML configuration files are not accessible within library.zip</del>
* [http://roundup.creativecommons.org/ccpublisher/issue?%40search_text=&title=&%40columns=title&topic=2&id=&%40columns=id&creation=&activity=&%40columns=activity&%40sort=activity&priority=&%40group=priority&status=&%40columns=status&%40pagesize=50&%40startwith=0&%40sortdir=on&%40action=search Outstanding bugs for the 2.0 Release]
** <del>When packaging using py2app, may need to add additional path manipulations to load the ZCML from the correct Resource area</del>
* <del>File format should be a drop-down, not text entry</del>
* <del>Run initial license chooser download in a background thread</del>
* <del>crash in validation</del>
==== Beta 2 ====
* <del>Disable preferences when there are no extensions loaded</del>
* User Interface polish
** <del>App icon </del>
** <del>Exit menu option disconnected</del>
** <del>Initial display of menu blocked by license chooser before redraw, resulting in partially drawn, locked UI</del>
** <del>Inconsistent form coloring on Windows, Linux</del>
** <del>File icons when selected</del>
** <del>Initial window sizing on Windows, Mac OS X</del>
** <del>Inconsistent background between license chooser & rest of window</del>
** Initial progress bar width
** <del>"How does this work" button event hook up</del>
* Set default work format based on file extension if possible -- note that this will probably require extending the ZCML syntax to support a "callable" vocabulary instead of static one so that we can show the appropriate sub-set of file formats for the particular DC type previously selected.
* Include new ID3 tagging support
==== Release ====
* Adapt file item to file object in pyarchive submission process.
* Implement an extension to set proxy settings
* Extension preferences need some additional structure
* The resources folder should really be moved under the ccpublisher folder (but this is just a nit)
== ccPublisher 2.1 ==
== ccPublisher 2.1 ==

Revision as of 00:33, 14 February 2006

This page documents the planned features for future releases, along with outstanding show-stopper issues that need to be resolved. For immediately upcoming releases, target dates are also listed.

ccPublisher 2.0

  • Beta 1: December 31, 2005
  • Beta 2: January, 2006
  • Release: February, 2006

Targeted Features

  • Conversion to new ccPublisher 2 Architecture
  • Support for extensions and plugins
  • Support easy customization by third party developers

Outstanding Issues

ccPublisher bugs and feature requests are now tracked in Roundup. You can access the ccPublisher tracker at http://roundup.creativecommons.org/ccpublisher/.

ccPublisher 2.1

Targeted Features

  • Support for embedding license metadata in additional formats
  • Support for localization


  • Implement clickable labels to replace HTML window hack