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ccPublisher 2.0

Friday, May 19, 2006

Release Notes

work in progress...

If you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports, you can file them in the tracker as well (

If you wish to discuss development of ccPublisher, you can subscribe to the cc-devel mailing list.


  • Linux (tar.gz):
  • Windows XP:
  • Mac OS X:


  • Windows: The download link above points to ccPublisher-1.9.3.exe; run that file and ccPublisher will be installed and added to your Start menu.
  • Linux: The download link above points to a source tarball, which includes most of what you need. You will also need wxPython 2.6 (Unicode build) and elementtree. Once you have those two dependencies installed, untar the download and run
  • Mac OS X: The download link points to a zip file which contains the application file. Unzip the archive to run ccPublisher.