CcPublisher 1.x Hacking

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This page documents how to hack ccPublisher 1.x; for information on developing with ccPublisher 2, see Developing ccPublisher 2. Really, you don't want to look at the ccPublisher 1.x code, trust us.

In order to develop ccPublisher, you currently need the following:

  • cctag-gui from CC Tools CVS; this becomes your [dev_root] directory. Note that you now need to retrieve the ccp8_1_0_branch from CVS.
  • pyarchive/pyarchive, stored in the pyarchive subdirectory of [dev_root].
  • libxml2, libxslt and their Python bindings -- these just need to be in the PYTHONPATH
 on OSX, point configure to the actual Python Framework directory 
 ./configure --with-python=/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/
  • wxPython, in the PYTHONPATH. ccPublisher 1.x was developed with wxPython 2.5, but 2.6 should work.