CcHost Release Procedure

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1. Edit README,,, and ccadmin/INSTALL.TXT to reflect new release and check that in

2. Zip up forum/template (creates a zip with a 'cchost' dir for the phpBB2 template). Move the zip (called into cctools.

NOTE FROM REJON: I added the current zip to CVS so that we don't have to do this step. If it breaks, or is updated, we should start doing this step again. (I would like to kill this step in general and think maybe just adding this content permanently in the forums folder is a better plan.)
Wait, looks like this step is irrelevant now as the templates are in the forum folder....hmmm....

3. Tag the release in CVS.

4. Use the Makefile to build the packages to be uploaded: make dist

5. Upload all packages in the /packages directory to SF as described here:

6. Do [Add Release] here:

7. Update the VERSION file to the latest version, appending CVS to the end of the upcoming version number.

8. Submit Press Release to Press Contacts