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Understanding ccHost URLs

Understanding how URLs work in ccHost is a very important concept that you should understand before doing anything else. URL Parts

ccHost URLs are composed of four main parts:

1. Root URL of installation

2. Virtual Root

  • Don't worry if you don't know what a 'ccHost virtual root' is, we'll get to it here but for now assume it's the word media.

3. Command

  • This part of the URL maps to an internal command in ccHost. This can be anything from a request for a submit form, a feed, a record listing, etc. Examples are people which shows a listing of the latest registered users who have uploaded or files which lists the latest uploads.

4. Parameters

  • Many if not most commands accept and even require parameters. For example, adding a specific user's name to the people command will display the user's main page, e.g. people/rejon

You should refer to the ccHost Command Reference for a listing of all available commands.

If you have enabled 'pretty URLs' in your installation then all the elements are strung together into one URL:

If not, then everything starting from the virtual root is prepended the following way:

Administrative Settings

Manage Site


Admins, editors, etc.

Editorial staff

Comma-separated list of login names for users with editorial privileges

Auto Publish Uploads

Uncheck this if you want to verify uploads before they are made public.


For example a file: docs/home or a navigation tab: view/media/home

Default Feed Query

Query to use for pages that do not specify a feed Leave blank for no default feed.


Allow ratings for media virtual root. (Click here to configure global ratings)

Site Administrators

List login names of site admins. (e.g. admin, fightmaster, sally)


Choose a skin, theme, layout, colors, fonts, etc.

Load a Profile

Start here to pick from an existing skin profile

Basic Settings

String profile, listing choices, etc.


Page layouts, tab placement, box shapes, etc.

Color, Font, Text size

Fonts and colors

Save this Skin Profile

Save the current settings to your own profile

Create Skin Template

'For web developers: Sets up a new skin template'

Navigator Tab Sets

Create and edit navigator tabs

File Formats

Pick which file formats are allowed to be uploaded

Formats available include:

aif, au, flac, mid, mp3, ogg, rm, Riff, wav, wma, zip, avi, mov, rmvb, wmv, bmp, gif, jpg, png, swf


Pick which licenses a user is allowed to select from

Upload Renaming

Configure how uploads are automatically renamed

Submit Forms

Edit what kind of submit forms the user can see


  • Derived Work
  • Sample
  • Self-Contained

Edit what the banner and footer says on each page.

Sidebar Extras

Pick what features are available on the side bar.


Edit the menus

ID3 Tagger

Configure how to tag ID3 compatible files (e.g. MP3s)

Menu Groups

Edit the menu groups


Configure thumbnails handling (for image uploads)

Global Settings

Admin Help

Help on configuring the site

Global Setup

Cookies, ban message, admin email, 3rd party add ins, etc.

Manage Page Content

Manage special pages and topics


Configure where ccHost looks for stuff


Configure forums access, groups, etc.


How ratings are calculated, who can rate, etc.


Edit tag aliases, reserve tags, counts, etc.

Default User Avatar

Upload a default avatar for new users

Super Users

Edit list of super users

Restrict Access

Restrict access to commands


Configure Language use

Upload Throttles

Limit the number and types of uploads per user

Activity Log

Configure the administrator's activity log

Import Files

Import files from your server into ccHost

Disable Site

Disable site when doing maintainence.


Configure system email address and access

Create Contest

Create a new contest, set its start time, rules, etc.

Download Manager

Count, checksum and license options for downloading


Configure moderation (Ban) and upload flagging


Manage Playlists

Pseudo Verify

Configure usage of exotic and other dangerous file types


Configure user quota

Virtual ccHost

Create a new virtual root

Query Browser

Configure query browser

Channels Page

Configure playlists for the channels page

Sample Pools

Managing sample pools and trackbacks