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=== Current Stable Release ===
=== Current Stable Release ===
Latest stable build of [https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=80503&package_id=156675 ccHost 5.0] is available in ZIP archive format.
Latest stable build of [https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=80503&package_id=156675 ccHost 5.0.1] is available in ZIP archive format.
= Documentation =
= Documentation =

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ccHost is Creative Commons' open source (GPL licensed) media content management system project that powers ccMixter and is the winner of the Linux Journal LinuxWorldExpo Product Excellence Award for Best Open Source Solution. Read more about ccHost here.


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Current Stable Release

Latest stable build of ccHost 5.0.1 is available in ZIP archive format.


ccHost 5 Documentation




The mailing list is the best way to get our attention. That and other methods are listed below:



The goal of this project is to spread media content that is licensed under Creative Commons throughout the web in much the same way that weblogs spread CC licensed text.

Short Description

"Web-based System Supporting Remixing and Collaboration on Media"

Slightly Longer Description

ccHost is an open source (GPL licensed) project that provides web-based infrastructure to support collaboration, sharing, and storage of multi-media using the Creative Commons licenses and metadata. It is the codebase used by ccMixter and other sites.

Besides its focus on sharing content, ccHost differentiates itself from other multi-media hosting programs by emphasizing the reuse (a.k.a. remixing) of content between artists, not only between artists on any given installation of ccHost, but between all installations across the web and any web site that implements the Creative Commons Sample Pool API, including non-ccHost sites such as the freesound project.

Usage Examples

Appendix A: Compatibility


Tested on: Firefox 1.0+ Mac/PC/Linux, IE 7+ PC, Safari Mac

Cookies must be enabled.

Most skins (the ones people will want to use) require Javascript enabled.


Primary development is done on Windows XP and up-to-date Linux development systems using Apache, mySQL, and PHP.


ccHost on Apache (2.0.49 up to at least apache-2.0.55-r1) on Linux,

One should be able to easily install mySQL, PHP, and Apache (if they are not already available) through their distributions packaging system.

Windows IIS Server

Windows users with their installation disks may install optionally the Windows IIS Web Server. This option has been tested. However, there might still be issues with it, and if so, please file a bug.

Even if you using Apache on Windows you may need to have IIS installed if you plan to use mail contact functions.

Windows Apache

There are many good tutorials for setting up a Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP site (Google search) and all three subsystems now come with Windows installers making the job of installing relatively straightforward.


Windows installations without Apache, mySQL and PHP already installed should consider using XAMPP for Windows, which provides an easy install of Apache web server, MySQL database server, and PHP and perl programming languages. This is an easy way to get up and running, with the underlying technology necessary to use ccHost.

Follow the instructions for installation of XAMPP to know where to put the uncompressed ccHost package to properly work with your local setup.

Mac OS X

NOTE: This setup is similar to Linux.


  • OS X 10.4.6
  • default OS X MySQL build, 4.0.26
  • GetID3 1.7.7
  • default Apache/PHP