Catalyst Campaign Fundraising Toolkit

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Spread the word about the Catalyst Campaign to your friends, colleagues, and networks with these simple tools.

Everything in the fundraising toolkit is translatable - including the graphics. Feel free to mix and match the different tools and adapt them for your blog and social networks.

Letter Asking for Support

Dear <First Name>,

As a supporter of Creative Commons, you recognize the importance of what we do for the sharing of education, science, and culture. We are excited to announce a new program that will help spread this openness even farther.

It’s called the Catalyst Grants program. Here’s how it works: Creative Commons will be awarding grants of $1000 to $10,000 to innovators, educators and researchers around the globe. Grant recipients will be selected through a rigorous public review and transparent evaluation process involving representatives from CC’s affiliate institutions around the globe.

Catalyst Grants will make it possible for individuals and organizations to harness the power of Creative Commons. A grant might enable a group in a developing country to research how Open Educational Resources can positively impact its community. Another could support a study of entrepreneurs using Creative Commons licenses to create a new class of socially responsible businesses.

But we can't do it without your help. Our goal is to raise $100,000 from CC supporters like you to fund the grants that will make all this possible. Donate today to help spread our mission of openness and innovation across all cultural and national boundaries:

Personal Campaign Profiles

Personal campaign profiles are an excellent way for you or your group to raise awareness and funds for the Catalyst Grants Program, since people can donate directly from your profile. Once you've created your page, you can link to it in emails, blog posts, and tweets and encourage your friends and networks to donate and support the Campaign.

1. Check out this example profile for reference and feel free to use the text for your own page.

2. Register by creating a username and entering email address, first name, last name. You will then be able to create your profile, which will remain inactive until we've verified.

3. Send an email to so we can verify your account. We'll let you know when your profile is active, so you can begin spreading the word!

Support CC Button

Place this button on your website or blog to show your support of CC and to encourage others to do the same!

<a href=""><img alt="Support CC" border="0" src="" /></a>


Help spread the word about the Catalyst Grants Program with these banners. SVG versions available for you to create localized versions.

Donation Widget

Insert our donation widget into your blog or website, so people can donate to the Catalyst Campaign in just a couple of clicks. Learn how here.

Donation/wire information

There are three ways to give to the Catalyst Campaign.

1. Make an online donation using credit card, Google Checkout account, or PayPal account on the donate page.
2. Send a check, payable to Creative Commons, to:

Creative Commons
171 Second Street Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94105

3. Send a wire transfer (recommended for donations USD500 or greater). For wire information, please contact melissa[at]

Other ways to support the Catalyst Campaign

  • Online store - CC T-shirts, stickers, buttons, and lapel pins.