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Through the Talis Connected Commons, Talis offers free data hosting as long as the data is made available under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication or the CC0 public domain waiver.

The Talis Connected Commons scheme is intended to directly support the publishing and reuse of Linked Data in the public domain by removing the costs associated with those activities. — Talis


The Talis platform normally hosts data for a fee, providing the software as a service. The Talis Connected Commons is a project by Talis that works to encourage the growth of public domain data by offering to host data for free as long as the data sets are dedicated to the public domain.

License Usage

To qualify for free hosting, users may contribute data sets under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication or the CC0 public domain waiver. Talis site content is also defaulted under CC BY.


From the project FAQ:

"Talis is keen to foster the continued growth of the Linked Data web and the emergence of a true web of data. While many organisations are able to publish and host datasets for themselves, we believe that organisations, communities, research groups and individuals would benefit from having a low cost way to sustainably publish data onto the web. By making the Talis Platform freely available for hosting public domain data we hope to further reduce the barrier to entry for taking part in the development of the web of data."