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Shaun Miller is an entertainment lawyer working with Melbourne’s Marshalls and Dent, advising the Australian film and television industry on issues in IP, and lecturing students in new media.

Shaun’s concise presentation provides one of the clearest and easily understood explanations of copyright. Andrew Garton, VIDEO SLAM Producer


Shaun Miller is a partner specialising in Intellectual Property law in the firm Marshalls and Dent, based in Melbourne, Australia. Working with the Australian film industry, he advises on issues of entertainment law, collaborating with celebrated directors including Paul Cox and animator Adam Elliot, who won an Oscar in 2004 for his film Harvie Krumpet. Shaun serves on the Board of the Victorian College of the Arts Film and Television School Course Advisory Committee, and is a past board member of Channel 31 community television. Experienced in both private commercial law and public law, Shaun has also worked for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Presented with the question ‘Is MySpace truly your Space, does YouTube care about you?’, in May 2007 Shaun delivered a lecture on 'Rights Online' at Arts Law Week Victoria, examining the place of artist on the Internet. The lecture was received by Andrew Garton from OPEN CHANNEL as ‘one of the clearest and easily understood explanations of copyright.’ A recording of the lecture is available as a podcast on the Video Slam site. Shaun also presented a class on copyright to first year media students in RMIT’s Networked Media Course in August 2007, which is published on Seth Keen’s edublog.

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Shaun’s RMIT lecture, Copyright, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 2.5 Australia licence.


According to his staff profile at Marshalls and Dent, Shaun feels that today’s entertainment lawyers should operate as facilitators, liaising with producers, distributors, government funding bodies, venture capitalists and creative talent to develop successful works for both small and big screen.