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The Piemonte Regional Government in Italy has launched an open data portal under the CC0 public domain dedication.


The Piemonte Regional Government in Italy has adopted the CC0 public domain dedication for its open data portal ( The Piemonte Region is leading the open data movement in Italy at the government level, being the only regional government to open up all its data for reuse without restrictions. Piemonte also has a preeminent role in the Italian Conference of Regions in this domain.

The data available on consist of raw datasets that can be downloaded directly from the site, and also information about the data available under CC Attribution, including government news, reports, and testimonials. According to an ePSIplatform blog post, Piemonte's open data portal falls under Category 1, "Catalogues by Governments – style catalogues (with access to raw data)," on the ePSIplatform PSI Data Catalogues page.

License Usage site content is defaulted under the CC BY license. The actual data (including raw datasets), however, are released to the public under the CC0 public domain dedication. There is a "license agreement" for each dataset that, when viewed, reveals the following language:

"Regione Piemonte autorizza la libera e gratuita consultazione, estrazione, riproduzione e modifica dei dati in essa contenuti da parte di chiunque (Licenziatario) vi abbia interesse per qualunque fine, ovvero secondo i termini della licenza Creative Commons - CC0 1.0 Universal."

In (Google) translation, it reads:

"Regione Piemonte authorizing the free and open consultation, retrieval, playback and editing of data in it by anyone (Licensee) has interest for any purpose, or pursuant to the terms of the Creative Commons license - 1.0 Universal CC0."


The Piemonte Regional Government launched its data portal in May 2010 just after the European Commission sent a formal letter to the Italian government regarding the incorrect transposition of Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information (PSI). Italy adopted new PSI legislation in July 2010 and the Piemont region developed its own guidelines on the reuse of public data (see Media below).

The resulting Piemonte Regional Government portal is the first and currently (as of February 2011) only official regional government in Italy that has adopted a CC0 open data policy, surrendering all copyrights to the extent possible under law to the data available through


The research initiative, Extracting Value from Public Sector Information (EVPSI), is based in and supported by the Piemonte Regional Government. EVPSI's "main objective is to maximize the benefits achievable from the access and the reuse of PSI by the end of 2011." [1]

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