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Lan Bui "makes media." From photography of tech celebrities (Veronica Belmont, Zadi Diaz, Casey McKinnon) and The Ninja to videos for professionals and events (Comic Con and Pixelodeon), Lan (with help from his brother Vu) makes them all from start to finish.

Before learning about CC I would offer my photography to anyone who asked to use it, but after finding out about Creative Commons I loved it because it was the easiest way to offer my photography (and videos) to anyone who wanted to use it. — Lan Bui


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License Usage

"Depending on the photography I am doing, I release it under different licenses. Typically I use CC-by-nc-sa but have been seriously considering using CC-by-sa to open up my images to even more people."

Even though Lan has had one fairly bad experience with regard to someone using his CC licensed material incorrectly he is still very happy to see others using his work correctly under the license: "I have had a few very positive experiences with people using my work through a CC license."

== Motivations =="

"I think that people pay me for my time and talent, not for the actual images I deliver."


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