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Korea University Open CourseWare

"save the nation through education" - Ki-Su Lee, the president of Korea University —


Korea University firstly launched open courseware 2009, after signing in OCW consortium at March, 2007. Now on spring of 2009, Korea U provides 29 lecture materials for 10 departments-departments of Technology, Law, and Education etc. Korea U set a plan to widen materials gradually. Korea U also plan to organize OCW(Korea Open CourseWare) among domestic universities. OCW consortium demands candidate to share lectures extended cross more than 10 universities on open license. Now in Korea, 9 universities-Kyunghee University, Kyunghee Cyber University, Korea University, Pukyung University, Pusan University, Sangmyung University, Seoul National University of Technology, Inha University, Dongguck University-are on KOCW.

License Usage

Conditions to use: b n a(BY-NC-SA), required to mark a sign of creator and to apply identical license to the sign. Only for non-profit intentions.

Present of Website(October, 2009 now)

To provide 29 class materials , 10 academic departments (October, 2009 Now)