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In Bangladesh, there are around 80000 primary schools enrolling over 5.0 million students and 17000 high schools enrolling 7.0 million students. Besides, there are over, 7122 Madrashs ,1200 intermediate colleges, 24 public universities and 56 private universities.

The quality of education in all primary, secondary and post- secondary or tertiary level is very poor with a number of problems such as class size, insufficient resources The quality of the teaching learning process, the environment and students learning achievements are also major challenges.Poor qualifications and lack of teacher motivation.The traditional and dominant way of teaching in most schools/college/university tends to focus on memorizing facts. Objective is to create interactive courseware that will transform text based text book of school and college into interactive lesson book. These interactive course wares of text book teach itself to learner using text, audio, video and animation. After the project three (3) goals will be achieved as follows: Goal 1: Interactive Courseware development of all subject for primary school Goal 2: Interactive Courseware development of all core subject for Secondary school Goal 3: Interactive Courseware development of all core subject for higher Secondary school Goal 4: Any new kind of topic that will be suitable for pupils

The pedagogical strength of multimedia is that it uses the natural information-processing abilities that we already possess as humans. Lecture from qualified people could be delivered to the corner of our country, students will learn from experts just sitting at their home without extra private tuition.

A photograph/animation apart from being aesthetically pleasing, can contain a wealth of information relating to the geology, climate, society, history, and economics of the area. Similarly, a recording of a politician's speech can allow us to discern significant semantic factors which would not be apparent in a written transcript. is aiming to provide quality education for all Bangla speaking students at free of cost

Over the past decade, we have witnessed an ongoing information revolution brought about by the Internet. We have learned to harness the Internet for more efficient communication and ubiquitous information. These benefits have enabled us to bring many aspects of our lives online. But we have not seen a major impact of the Internet in the field of education of Bangladesh. We are missing a centralized, integrated system for online education that is extensible and customizable enough to be adopted by classes taught both at institutions and by individuals. I as individual established a platform that trying best to improve the way the Bangladeshi students learn. Too many people in Bangladesh don’t have access to good education materials, or they are forced to learn through a system that doesn't properly cater to their individual needs. We think the technology exists today to fundamentally change this, and we're trying to build the tools and resources every student deserves. I believe it is our obligation to relentlessly focus on what the learner values, and we make every decision with the learner in mind. This site currently containing more than 800 small videos on various topics including Math, English related to high school. It allow student to interact each other, watch tutorial video, sharing class note and lot more feature that specially designed for students.   

Jompesh strives to develop knowledgeable educators who integrate complex roles and dispositions in the service of diverse communities of learners. Believing that all children, adolescents, and adults can learn, educators dedicate themselves to supporting that learning. Using effective approaches that promote high levels of student achievement, educators create environments that prepare learners to be citizens who contribute to a complex world. Educators serve learners as reflective practitioners, scholars and artists, problem solvers, and partners. Jompesh supports the study and practice of facilitating and improving learning of a diverse population by creating, using, managing, and evaluating appropriate technological processes and resources. Believing technology is a tool that enhances and expands the educational environment, we promote the use of current and emergent technologies for teaching and learning in a dynamic global society. Educational technologists are leaders and innovators, serving in institutions of higher education, public or private school settings or local educational agencies, and educational organizations in the private sector.

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Our ambition is to create free content for bangla speaking pupils and this fits the need


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Project will be accomplished phase by phase basis and phase will divide on goals. Three phases to achieve three goals and each phase will be accomplish by iterative method, each iteration will consist analysis -> design->development->Implementation -> evaluation  model of accomplishing the result, interactive course ware:


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