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Jay Dedman is a long time videoblogger creating online communities where people can learn, share, and remix their ideas.

I rarely get paid to publish video online. I make money BECAUSE of the videos I publish. It's about reputation. Jay Dedman


Jay Dedman is a multimedia creator with over 10 years of experience. He started out as a writer and producer for local news stations in Cincinnati and Atlanta then moved to CNN International. After becoming utterly discouraged with the types of stories he had to do at CNN he became a freelance journalist in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is when he started to experiment with publishing videos online to expose to the rest of the world how the people of a country at war live. Through more experimentation and over time Jay discovered that blogging was the perfect medium for publishing videos online. In 2004, he co-founded the Videoblogging Group. He has since helped orchestrate a number of online video projects including: Vloggercon, Pixelodeon,,, Node101 and He and coauthor Joshua Paul also wrote the book Videoblogging, one of the first works on the subject.

Jay's personal site is at and his professional site is For more information about Jay, see his informational wiki page.

License Usage

All material Jay puts on his personal site is CC:BY-SA while the material on his professional site is CC:BY-NC.


Being a part of the videoblogging community for a long time, Jay saw the reactions from creators after someone's work became highly popular and the discussion around copyright in lieu of that. “People started talking about CC licenses as a common sense approach to letting people share and use our work...without giving away all rights.”

Jay sees the availability of his works online under Creative Commons license as a sort of virtual resume. Jay licenses his work in a way that allows others to use and embed it anywhere online. “I rarely get paid to publish video online. I make money BECAUSE of the videos I publish. It's about reputation. I publish my videos, encourage people to embed, link, and use long as they give me attribution. Now there's a history of my work online on different people sites...and this gets me work.”


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