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Epic Fu is a web-based show that focuses on “the coolest art, tech, and music from the online and offline world” - they post new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday released under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

From the very beginning we’ve always believed in Creative Commons. For one thing, the amount of media we have in each show makes traditional copyright useless to us as content creators. The process of gathering clips, photos, and sound bites makes the relevance of CC licenses incredibly apparent on a daily basis. This makes it possible for fans to make mashups from the show footage. One great example was the video Patrick from the Netherlands created for us at the end of last year. He made a montage of Zadi that we featured on our blog. When someone takes that much time to create something original by pouring through all the video we’ve made, you realize how important it is to make sure that your media can travel far and wide and get into the hands of creative people. CC is probably the single most important thing allowing that to happen on the web. — Zadi Diaz/Steve Woolf

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